In need of an after school daycare? We all know how, dare to say nuisance, a child going to school can become in the evening after school, if allowed to report home first before the rest of the members of the family. This is the case in many homes.

Most parents generally arrive home late from work in the evening, way after the children have hit home. In most homes, children left home alone destroy things; are at risks with home electrical appliances and gadgets, or it is simply not very safe for children to remain in the house alone, even over holidays. At our daycare, we noted this problem and had a laudable solution. Bring your child to our after school daycare program and he/she will enjoy the following:
    • After-school Lunch; we understand they are very hungry after school, therefore, we provide a sandwich lunch, hotdog lunch or lunchable type lunch to all the children.  Those still in attendance at 5:30 also receive a snack.
    • Gaming activities; it is obvious kids are for games. They never get enough. We have games for kids of every age. This becomes quite interesting because the kids get to play and interact with kids from other schools, other than their own schools. Kids get to learn from each other and what goes on in the other friends’ school.
    • Our games are diverse, including; indoor games that do no require too much energy, since kids can generally be tired in the evening.
    • Homework Assistance; these are important to provide your kids with a school-like environment to complete homework given by their teachers. Our teachers are also here to help. Unlike most homes, we emphasize the importance of completing homework. Another way of raising responsible kids.]

We also have a large playground for our school age group. This allows them to get in some outdoor exercise which is important with most schools not having recess anymore. All this is a sure reason for children to always look forward to their evening fun every time after school.

Our after school daycare centers, is basically an extension of a school, complementing what your child missed or got it inadequate. Visit us today for a comprehensive brief tour of our facilities, friendly staff, and you will like what you will see at our after school daycare program.

We are currently accepting resumes for an experienced teacher for an afternoon position from 2:00-6:00. Please submit your resume for consideration.