We offer before school daycare service for some schools in our Houston and Pasadena location. Your child or children are an invaluable gift that you cannot compare to any other things that you have in life. As a result of this, they require the best kind of treatment from you. One of the best ways through which you are able to offer them the best treatment is by offering them the best care and education. In case you are among those parents who have jobs that are too demanding, such that you may not be around your kids at all times, we offer the best before school daycare program that can suit your needs, since we care about the best development of your kids.

After-School Pasadena
We have been offering before school daycare programs for quite sometime. Such that with us, you are always guaranteed of the best services to your child. We cater for children in kindergarten and upper grade levels, irrespective of the grades that they are in. From the experience, we have been able to learn more on how deal with different children, to ensure that we deliver the needs of your child. In fact, this has also enabled us to ensure that all the children who are registered into our before school daycare program obtain the comfort that they need. Besides, your child is also always able to experience better physical, emotional, intellectual and social development that they dearly need, based on his or her age.

The before school daycare programs that we offer have been skillfully designed to meet the highest quality of childcare standards. Whenever you register your child into our program, he or she will be offered breakfast, assistance in doing their homework, and also take part in a variety of scheduled activities. In fact, there are several activities that your child can engage in, whenever you put him or her into our before school daycare program, including; academic enhancement, creative play, learning sessions, outdoor activities, among others that will enable them to grow up to be the best.

We are currently accepting resumes for an experienced teacher for an afternoon position from 2:00-6:00. Please submit your resume for consideration.