Choosing the right early preschool daycare center for your 2 – 3 years old should be done with ultimate carefulness and precision. Why? Because this is the peak time and age for your child to learn new things and generally grow intellectually. Therefore, you would want your child to spend the day with the right teachers, who will understand this. At our Daycare centers, we have a daily schedule centered around your children to not only come to play but to come and learn as well.  Leaving your early preschool child with us, is an assurance that your child will tell you a new thing in the evening.
We take care of your child’s spiritual and social growth by encouraging a conducive environment for social interaction. We have games for children that make sure your child is interactive in, while developing your child’s potential and interests. We understand that at Pre-Kinder age, your child is likely to manifest their abilities and interests.
The best tools our teachers use in maximizing the early preschool child’s ability to learn is by teaching not only through work sheets but also through art and crafts, stories and songs. We care about your child’s physical health and growth. We en-devour to eradicate idleness that breeds laziness. You are assured that your child is fully engaged the whole day, least to mention the kind of other activities we put your early preschool child through the whole day you are away. This helps your child develop some understanding that ‘mom’ is not always around and hence develop a degree of responsibility.

Incorporated in our early preschool daycare curriculum is enough mind building activities to help stimulate their mind for creativity. We offer the best rates for parents wishing to leave their early preschool children with us. Our early preschool daycare cares about the intellectual welfare of your children.


We are currently accepting resumes for an experienced teacher for an afternoon position from 2:00-6:00. Please submit your resume for consideration.