With our highly qualified team of well trained, qualified personnel, we ensure that your child gets a rich and useful source of early education. If you are in the market for a preschool daycare center that is dedicated towards the provision of a safe and nurturing environment to your child, then look no further!!

Why Choose Us?

Parents are usually apprehensive about leaving their kids with strangers, well, now you can rest easy. Our preschool daycare center offers a receptive, friendly atmosphere, giving you the reassurance that your kids are in good hands. We come highly recommended, based solely on the fact that we have the solid reputation of providing a nurturing, peaceful environment for your kids, and ensuring that they are well taken care of.

Our Open Door Policy

Our system works under the principle of inclusion. We operate in a way that seeks to include the parents in their child’s education, and we encourage you, as a parent, to have a hands-on approach towards ensuring that your children are well taken care of. We care about the kids, and that is why you can be sure that once you leave, your child will be in good hands.

Elements on Curriculum

What we offer is structure. Our curriculum is characterized by allocating a substantial amount of time to physical activity, daily reading sessions, group based programs, meal time as well as free time. What this does is to ensure your child gets a perfect blend of rich experiences. Our curriculum is one of the most well thought out, effective and all inclusive anywhere in the world. The principle behind it is the need to stimulate growth, and to facilitate proper child development.

Our Daycare Programs

Infant Daycare
Pre-Toddler Daycare
Toddler Daycare
Early Preschool Daycare
Pre-Kindergarten Daycare
Before School Daycare
After School Daycare


We care about your kids, and we are here to ensure that they get the best possible chance of a good life and a good future. Try us out.

We are currently accepting resumes for an experienced teacher for an afternoon position from 2:00-6:00. Please submit your resume for consideration.